The Vedangas and The Upavedas

There are also 2 important bodies of supplementary literature, related closely to the Vedas themselves: The Vedangas which expound the sciences required to understand and apply the Vedas: Kalpa: Ritual detail Siksha: Pronounciation Vyakarana: Grammar Nirukti: Etymology Chandas: Meter Jyotisha: Astronomy/Astrology The Upavedas (usually considered Smrti) which deal with 4 traditional arts and sciences: Ayur-veda:…

Divisions of Vedas?

The Rig Veda is the most important and the oldest and it is divided into 10 books with a total of 1028 hymns in praise of various deities. It also contains the famous Gayatri mantra and the prayer called the Purusha Sukta (the story of Primal Man). The Yajur Veda is a priestly handbook for…

The Word “Hindu”

Scholars suggest that the term “Hindu” was first used around the 8th century CE, by Persian invaders to refer to the people on the far side of the River Indus. These early connotations weren’t specifically religious but more cultural, political and geographical. Only later, when outsiders (first Muslims and later Christians) tried to impose their…

What is Hinduism?

Hinduism is the oldest of all religions and yet endures today as a healthy, colorful and exuberant tradition. It has intimate links with India and Nepal, but its influence visibly extends throughout South East Asia to countries like Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, Bhutan, Indonesia-Bali etc. It has in recent times reached all…

Hindoeïsme wil erkend worden als geloof

Het Hindoe Forum van België, dat twaalf hindoeverenigingen telt, wil in maart bij het ministerie van Justitie een aanvraag indienen tot erkenning van het hindoeïsme als geloof. Er zijn in België naar schatting 15.000 tot 20.000 hindoes, meldt Het Belang van Limburg.

Qui sont les hindous belges ?

Selon le secrétaire général du forum hindou, 50 % des hindous en Belgique viennent d’Asie : de l’Inde, l’Afghanistan, le Népal, le Bangladesh ou l’île Maurice. Les 50 % restants sont Belges ou d’origine européenne, soit plus ou moins 10 000 personnes. Pour une ouverture au public belge, le forum hindou organise des manifestations culturelles,…

L’hindouisme, 7e religion de Belgique?

Bientôt une 7e religion en Belgique? L’hindouisme s’apprête à déposer une demande de reconnaissance. Un chemin long et tortueux.

New members (September 2012)

In the last meeting of 2012 (September), the General Assembly accepted the following new members: Bhaktivedanta College asbl Indian Cultural Center-Brussels Mandir

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